Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day...

I just wanted to wish all my friends a very happy Mother's Day for yesterday... I hope you all had a fantastic day and were spoiled rotten by you children because you all deserve it!

Had a completely busy weekend myself and a pretty rocking Mother's Day as well. My sister came up and we took Cam, Brooke and Ella to High School Musical on Ice at the Entertainment Centre on Saturday. Not that I have actually sat down and seen both the movies but my nieces love them and Cam doesn't get the opportunaty to see things like that because it is impossiable to take BJ and enjoy it at the same time.

So BJ had some alone time with his dad which let's face it he loves and we got a day out and about!

The show was really good and all enjoyed it. Cam said to me "I have never heard anything so loud mum" and I promptly told him that it wasn't really that loud and that he sould try going to a Pink concert with a lot of screaming, excited fans! (me included).

I also had a great day on Sunday as my friend Sue won tickets to see Rouge Traders and gave me one! I love my friend Sue..... So back up the hill again to Theby Theatre we went and I really wish I hadn't forgotten my camera... We were up the very front against the barrier and it was really good! Nat looked better in real life.

Cindy took some pictures of High School Musical so I will put them on....

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