Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun on a Rainy Day

It's not that often that I get to see my best friend Bren (and she only lives 45 minutes away) but when I do we have the best days together... Not only do we get to catch up on what we have been doing, whinge a bit about our husbands, and generally talk about everything that we have been saving up till we saw each other again, she comes up with the best ideas on how to spend the day together, either as two families or just the two of us.

Well yesterday it was time to catch up (long over due in my opinion) but neither less it was time. I don't know if I have mentioned to you all but Bren and David each month take care of an Autistic boy named Jordon who is 12. They were inspired I like to think, of Andy and myself and that need that Bren has to help anybody she can. Might I just say just while I think of it that Bren has the biggest heart that I know of and she is a very special person!! Love You Bren.....

Anyway back to Jordon. Well of course, when Jordon comes to stay they like to make the experience the most fun you can possibly fit into 24 hours and since we were coming for lunch Bren and I conspired to take the boys out to the playground, only the weather was not going to co-operate so what's the next best thing... take them to The Beach house!

Andy and I hadn't been with the boys to The Beach House yet and to make it even more fun we didn't tell them that we were going until the last minute. We had so much fun. You can play Mini Golf, go on the Water Slide (heated of course) , play hundreds of arcade games, go on the old Carousel and then you have the boys favourite the Dodgem Cars....... As I said one of the best day's.

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Katrina said...

And at last some photos of both your boys!!!! Look forward to some layouts featuring both those gorgeous boys like i have seen you do before