Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Play Ground

Cam and B.J, it is so rare that I get a photo of them together!
Just Hanging

Wow, what a really busy two weeks this has been..... I do like having the boys home in school holidays (mainly because I detest making school lunches) but I am glad they went back on Monday so I can have a rest! Because I haven't updated my blog for the last two weeks I thought I would sit down with a nice vanilla latte and bring you up to speed on what's been happening......

Andy and I took the boys down to the South East for the first week of the holidays. We stayed in Penola with my dad for two nights so that gave me plenty of time to catch up with my sister, Brooke, Ella and Ben. We didn't see Greg all that much because he had to work. We went to the Mount on Wednesday and did some shopping. Retail therapy with one's sister always makes you feel sooooo much better as well as the girly gossip you catch up on and the really good company doesn't hurt either.
I wouldn't say we shopped till we dropped but we were rather tired when we got back to Penola.

Then on Thursday morning we took the kids to Penola Primary School play ground for a run around and didn't they just love that! I suppose it must be about 27 yrs since I last went as a student and I must admit although it felt smaller than it did when I was little it is a really nice looking school. Brooke got to show us where her classroom is and I got to show Cam and see my old classrooms, relive some happy memories and some not so happy one's. We all have a few of those don't we?

Thursday afternoon bought a sad farewell to my dad and Cindy ( although Cin was probably glad to see us go as she was not feeling at all well) and we headed for Naracoorte. Andy had a store opening to go to at Bordertown which left me the opportunity to buy up at Scrap N Patch and catch up with all my best girls thanks to Tan, "Thanks Tan". Tan organised everyone so we could go out to dinner at the Chinese restaurant, which by the way was really yummy and I swear I am still walking off! I must also say a huge "Thank you" to Christina who after really short notice found a bed for the boys and me which was great cause I got to see all her beautiful cards and drool....

We headed for home on Friday morning and for the first time I wasn't sad about leaving Naracoorte, which is progress for me because I am always whinging that I miss everyone and that we don't spend enough time there.

The other high light for me during the holidays is that Sharon finally came and stayed for a night last Thursday. The Dredge family were staying with Craig's parents and we (she) decided that I would go and pick her up and that we would do a scrapbooking tour of the southern suburbs. We went to Simply Scrapbooking first then Charlotte's Web and then on way home Wild Nutmeg in Mount Barker. Let's just say that it was good we left it at that because Sharon's family are going to eat Baked Beans for a month and I have noooooo money left. Bloody scrapbooking it is an evil and expensive addiction!

Anyway my coffee has gone cold and no I didn't finish it so I had better get of my bum and do something constructive. Will try and put some photo's of the kids at the playground on and just for Kathryn I will include my boy's...

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