Thursday, December 19, 2013

So Many Cases... So Little Time!

About a year and a half ago we gave Cam, as a birthday present, my old iPhone 4s (you can call this if you will, responsible recycling.... Especially when mum wants a new iPhone 5). Anyway, he has had the same Angry Birds case since then and recently asked me if he could have a Dr Who case instead (shocking I know!). I bought my case for my iPhone 5 from a great little Esty shop called Scribbles and Stripes. They have some really cute and fun cases, although no Dr Who. So, while I was on Esty I typed in Dr Who cases and WOW... There was so many to choose from. Cam ended up getting this one... 

This one is from a really good shop called AlinaCase. I will admit I was a little nervous because it's based in China but the case arrived in under 2 weeks, all wrapped up secure so the shop gets 5 stars from me... Anywho, the reason I wanted to do this post was to ask your opinion... I need a new case. The one I have now is a little battered and getting loose around the edges. I do not blame the product at all, I blame the hard life the case has had living with me... So, I have a few options that I have narrowed it down too... What do you think?

 from Time Gift

 from DzinerCase

from WrapAll

from Weniphonecase

from Weniphonecase
Well what do you think? Any favorites? I am sort of leaning towards the fox from Scribbles and Stripes to the giraffe... Or maybe the dandelions.... Or maybe.... See I told you I needed help!

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