Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sydney, Day Four and Five...

Day 4 of our trip was the hottest day of the week, in the mid 30's. In the morning Andy and I dropped into Andy's head office and said hello to all his work colleges and after some advice from said colleges we decided to take to kids on the fairy to Manley Beach... Beautiful weather and very interesting and beautiful views, I actually wished we could have explored further.... Maybe next time!   

Day Five

Our flight home on the Friday wasn't until 4.30pm, so we thought we might squeeze a few more touristy sightseeing things before we headed to the airport. A visit to the aquarium was on Cam's list of things he wanted to see while in Sydney and as we were only a 10 minute walk away we thought it would be a perfect way to spend our last day. We also visited the zoo ( not the actually Sydney Zoo) which was right next door and after that we headed to the bridge because we had some free tickets to climb the pile longs. I must say the views from there of the Harbor Bridge, Opera House and surrounding areas were amazing, well worth the million stairs you have to climb to get there! I also got to use my new lens that Andy bought me for my birthday at last! 

We had an amazing time and I am so glad we went. I really do think a trip back to Sydney is going to be on the cards.... Maybe with some girl friends next time.... and I might get to go shopping! LOL!

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