Sunday, October 20, 2013

Around Here Lately...

It's been a week of playing catch up with the housework, washing and getting back into some semblance of routine for us this week. That's why I have been MIA on the blog all last week and I'm sorry about that but hopefully I am all caught up now... Which I am, for the moment, because you know how it goes... And it seems like it never ends. Today, I have actually had time to sit down and and go through my photos from our holiday and actually just bum around the house while the hubby in engrossed in the Motor GP at Philip Island... It's been nice just to stop! Oh BTW, sorry for the really gross dead snake photo but Cam insisted I put it on as it was a big thing for us him this week...

* A catch up coffee with my good friend Michele * A rainbow on a wet afternoon *
Our roses have finally started to bloom and I am taking full advantage of their loveliness
and using them to make my house pretty * Sunrise * The rose aren't the only thing blooming in the garden at the moment * Gross dead snake *

Some of these shots were taken with my Cannon and some with my iPhone 5 and most of them I put on Instagram. If you maybe want to see more you can follow me HERE.

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