Sunday, September 15, 2013

Around Here Lately...

Bit of a hectic week in the Wardle household. Andy went away for a couple of days to Claire early in the week and I decided to have a MASSIVE clean out of my walk-in-robe and got rid of some clothes that haven't seen the light of day in quite awhile. The weather is definitely improving, we had more sunshine than rain, and I managed to hang the washing out on the line twice this week. We have paid off the last bit of money owing on our holiday... 4 weeks to go! Ya! I sold my first painting!! Another... Ya!! With the money I bought a new canvas... a LARGER canvas... I painted this afternoon..... And that was my week!

* Beautiful morning full of sunshine! * Trying to get back into the habit of eating healthy *
* One of the first roses * Making muffins for the boys lunches * A sleepy Jasper *
* New canvas ready to go * New cushions for the lounge... I think I am developing a cushion fetish! *

Some of these shots were taken with my Cannon and some with my iPhone and most of them I put on Instagram. If you maybe want to see more you can follow me HERE.

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Chrisy@GoodNorthCoastLife said...

Hi Donna, visiting for the first time from The Beetle Shack. Really enjoyed your photos, love the one of the cat!

Kellie said...

A range of gorgeous photos and I loved seeing what you have been up to lately.