Monday, August 19, 2013

Around Here Lately...

It's been all about re-decorating the house, work and cardmaking for me this week, so I didn't really take many photo's. It was also a cold, wet, awful week and all I wanted to do was to stay inside and keep warm and that for me equals lack of inspiration to take photo's ... You can only take so many photo's of your new rug before you go slightly mad .... So, I'm afraid that this Around Here Lately post might bore you a little... But hey, it's something right? 

* My new cushion covers arrived this week. I bought them from a little store on Esty called Festive Home Decor. Michelle, the owner, has a gorgeous range of covers... Perfect for a non sewing girl like me! You can find her HERE. * My neighbors orange tree... I wonder if she would miss a few? * My new love... My rug. I knew what I wanted, you know when you have a picture in your head and nothing else will do? I searched and searched everywhere... And there it was! Sitting on the West Elm Australian web sight... And I was in love... The rest is history. * I went to Harvey Norman with Wendy and James after coffee on Sunday morning and took a few shots of things that I liked * My Prismacolor pencils... Another love of mine. * I think this was the 4th rainbow I saw on Sunday *  And my tall chest of draws all finished *

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Kathy said...

I love seeing a good rainbow makes you feel good. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia