Sunday, July 7, 2013

Around Here Lately...

Wow, what a week this was.... There was lots done around the house. The guest room bedside table is all finished. Shelves were made, painted and put up. My birthday prints have also found a new home. My sister, her BFF Hayley, my BFF Wendy and I went to see the very gorgeous P!nk on Thursday night. This was my 3rd time seeing her in concert and she is still AWESOME!!! We all took the day off on Friday to do some shopping... Again! I think that maybe I might need a little break from shopping! I painted a whole new canvas. I am still not sure about it, but I will blog it a little later and get your opinion. Best bit of the week was that I got a huge surprise when my darling hubby presented me with a new lens for my camera that I have been drooling over for some time now... Completely out of the blue, just cause! Love, love, love him!

* Before and After shot of the guest room bedside table * New "birthday" prints
on the wall * New lens * P!NK * Couldn't help myself... Piggies!! * Harbour Town, 
Adelaide * New canvas * New shelves *


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