Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Chair...

I have always wanted to have a nice reading chair. Something I could sit in and curl up in and read a book with a blanket and a cup of coffee on a cold winter's day... Doesn't that sound really relaxing?!

Well finally I bought one. Buying this chair was always one of those "It can wait or I'll have the money next pay" things. But after months and months of putting it off and looking on line at what I could have I decided enough was enough and just went out and bought one... :0)

 I wanted to put the chair where the rocking chair sits. As you can see rocking chair = not very comfortable for curling up and reading. Actually, it not comfortable to sit in at all!

I then went looking at what would go well in the lounge room and also what style of chair appealed to me...

First off I found this gorgeous thing from Pottery Barn.

I mean WOW right? But it's from Pottery Barn and let's be realistic... I'm not paying $799 and then having shipped over from America!

So I thought would look closer to home and found this one at Harvey Norman.


And as much as I like this chair it really wouldn't go in my house. Plus there was the whole price thing again. Harvey's can be very expensive. But we were a step closer because now I knew I liked wing back chairs.

Then Wendy (my wonderful BFF) found this one at IKEA...


.... And I fell in love!! So off Andy and I went to IKEA to buy this little beauty and not only was it comfortable and just perfect for the corner it was on special!!! We ended up getting the chair and the ottoman for all under $300!! Ya! 

What do you think?? The cushion and the lamp both come from IKEA too .... Now all I need is a little table to put my book and coffee on and I nice warm rug!



Michelle said...

I love it! It looks very comfy! I need a reading chair, too! I love the look of your rocking chair. My Mum has that Harvey Norman chair, and the matching chaise longue, and I find it very uncomfortable to sit in, so I think you've done well to give it a miss. ;-)

Dotty Jo said...

Well bless Ikea! I had always wanted a rocking chair and I have to say that even stuffed with homemade cushions it may look very cute but is an uncomfortable as heck! Happy reading, Jo x

jan farnworth said...

love it i to wanted a comfy chair for reading but i wanted it my master bedroom so i would not have to lay in bed to read. I found a rocker chair/recliner half price at our local value village. 12.50