Saturday, October 6, 2012

Twenty Twelve Catch Up... Catch Up!

I know I am running a little bit behind with my Twenty Twelve Photo's so I thought over the next two day I would do a bit of a catch up on my catch up!! So here goes....

Day 259 - Jam and Cream Chocolate Donut at work... I was good, instead of eating it I photographed it!!
Day 260 - Made a card for Tiddly Inks using Little Claire...
Day 261 - Our first rose for Spring... LOVE!!!
Day 262 - On my walk I pass this old fashioned Post Box... I really thought it would make for an interesting shot, what do you think?
Day 263 - Andy made these shelves for all of BJ's "Little People" to sit on!
Day 264 - This is a shot of West Tce. I just thought it looked pretty!
Day 265 - Me... Being silly.... Sorry!

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