Monday, October 8, 2012

Twenty Twelve Catch Up.... Catch Up (part two)

Day 266 - The oven at work... Big, shiny and VERY HOT!
Day 267 - The creek I walk past everyday that runs through the North of town and then turns into the Angus River..
Day 268 - My Girls, Brooke and Ella. I LOVE this shot of them!
Day 269 - The "Rat Pack"... Cam and his cousins!
Day 270 - I didn't actually take this shot of Brooke in the golf store looking just like her dad. I just played with filters and stuff...
Day 271 - Aussie Rules Football Grand Final Day. Sydney Swans vs Hawthorne... Sydney won... We were all happy except for Greg cause he went for the Hawks... But then he goes for Port Adelaide so his taste in football teams is questionable anyway!!!
Day 272 - A very weird day weather wise... But the two Rainbows I saw in the late afternoon were really pretty.

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