Monday, August 27, 2012

Twenty Twelve Catch Up...

Day 231 - My new "Duty Free" CK watch which I got to wear from Sydney to home... LOVE!!!
Day 232 - Back into the swing of things... Just some colouring!
Day 233 - Since I'm still on holidays I thought some nail time was in order!
Day 234 - Happy mail!!
Day 235 - Andy and I went into the city to look for a new watch for his Father's Day/ Birthday pressie!
Day 236 - I clean the house, did the washing and ironing and this was the best bit of the day... I got 3 images coloured!
Day 237 - Andy and I went for a motorbike ride today and went past this canola crop just outside of Strathalbyn... I thought it would make a good photo!

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