Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HUGE CATCH UP!!! Days Ninety One, Ninety Two, Ninety Three, Ninety Four, Ninety Five. Ninety Six, Ninety Seven, Ninety Eight and Ninety Nine!!

Have been away...

Day Ninety One

Greg brought Brooke up for an appointment in the city tomorrow
so Cam and Brooke "helped" me make pudding for dessert.

Day Ninety Two

Andy FINALLY got his new toy today!! You can't tell
but he's SOOOOO happy!!

Day Ninety Three

Tonight Andy and I went and saw The G3 (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai 
and Steve Lukather) Concert at The Adelaide Festival Theater. This
made Andy really happy as well!!

Day Ninety Four

Today we took BJ into the city to see his physiologist and I
took this shot of the freeway on the way in... 

Day Ninety Five

Spending Easter with Cindy, Greg and the kids in Penola.
This is photo is of my two "Stars of The Week"...

 Day Ninety Six

Ella was playing dress ups with the rest of the kids and wanted
me to take her photo... So here it is!! Isn't she beautiful??

Day Ninety Seven

Cindy and I took the kids out to Coonawarra for a photo shot
of the kids with my "real" camera and I took this one with my
phone... Can you see Brookie hiding??

Day Ninety Eight

"Happy Easter"
Took this shot after the kids finished their "Egg Hunt"...

Day Ninety Nine

I took this shot while we were driving home yesterday of 
The Coorong...

Ahhhhh that feels better... All caught up!!!

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