Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day One Hundred {Woohoo}, Day 101, Day 102 and Day 103!

I made it to day 100!!! 
Am I proud of myself or what?!!

Day 100

My paper rack. I took this shot because it is neat and clean 
and now I have documented proof that it can be that way for
at least 24 hours...

 Day 101

I was wondering around in the bookstore and came across these
little gems...they reminded me of Kellie... So this is for you Kel!!

Day 102

Today we took the boys into Adelaide because they both had
appointments. I have always thought the sky line of Adelaide
is kinda pretty and took this shot...

Day 103

Met Wendy at Gloria's for a coffee today.
 I really do miss my Wendy days..


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