Thursday, July 31, 2008

Waiting for the Trampoline to dry...

One of the things Bj loves most in this world is his trampoline...Absolutely loves it, and he's really good too. He can back flip, front flip, do any kind of flip, somersault and jump really high..we love it because when he is stressed or anxious it calms him down, don't know what we would do if we didn't have a trampoline.....We actually have to get him a new one for Christmas because the holes where the springs go on the frame are starting to enlarge. We have only had this one for about 4 years!

Andy took these photo's with his phone a couple of weeks back.....Bj waiting so very patiently for the (his) trampoline to dry!


Anne Elizabeth said...

My brothers Loved the trampoline too. They could do all the flips and everything. I never could no matter how hard I tried.

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Oh the poor lov! I reckon he has the right idea though - there is nothing like the adreneline of jumping on a tramp to make you smile and feel like you're flying - I wish I had one to jump on too!!